It’s the first chance I’ve had to sit down and write about Snow White since we started rehearsals in late November. It’s been a whirlwind couple of weeks of rehearsals, choreography, technical rehearsals onstage, lighting and costume fittings but we finally opened on Wednesday to a full house of school children. We are now 10 shows in and it’s our first day off to rest and recuperate. The Press night was held on Friday evening and it was a wonderful crowd as always, Shrewsbury audiences are the best in the country, it’s always so nice to step onstage for the first time and see so many recognisable faces out front from previous years. We see the same families coming back year in year out and it’s lovely to be a big part of so many families annual traditions.

I shall be posting the reviews when they come out but in the meantime I wanted to say a big thank you to Simon Jones of who has recently updated my website, Simon is a Shrewsbury based web developer and I think he’s done a fantastic job, please do check out his website, you can also follow him on twitter @laughingpeaweb

Reviews and pictures to follow soon but first…coffee!