I don’t know how many of these apologetic posts I shall have to pen. I make lots of attempts to keep the blog up to date but it’s been far too long. Since I last wrote Panto has finished, I’ve spent three weeks in South Africa on holiday and opened Gypsy at Curve. As many of you will know when I’m not a Dame I am producer at Curve Leicester, our production of Gypsy has been going great guns and has garnered some wonderful reviews, 5 stars in the guardian was a particular highlight. Caroline O’Connor plays Mamma Rose and is wonderful. I shall link some of the reviews here for you.

However, as this website is for my pantomime work I should tell you that this year I will be playing Dame Trott in Jack and the Beanstalk. I’ll be back at the beautiful Theatre Severn in Shrewsbury and am thrilled to be working for Paul and Emily of Evolution again.

This coming Friday I shall be doing the photo shoot so will try and get some photos of myself and the company. I’ll be working with the delightful Eric Smith of BBC Radio Shropshire once more, who I believe will be giving his King Eric, perhaps this year I may even be invited onto the breakfast show!

I haven’t worked with anyone else in the company but I’ve heard great things about them and am looking forward to meeting them all this week.

That’s it for now, If you do read the blog log in and leave a comment, would be great to hear from you.