We opened Aladdin this morning at 10:15am to a full house of school kids. It’s been quite a rehearsal period with just a week in the rehearsal room and three days on stage to technically rehearse the show.

We managed to ‘tech’ the show in just a day and had three full dress runs before the audience descended upon us. It’s always good to have a couple of dress rehearsals before you open a show but for a pantomime the audience are the final character and its hard to keep running it without any audience feedback.

We had more families in for the afternoon show which is good for me as the Dames humour often falls on deaf ears if its a full house of school children, although I did hear the odd knowing chuckle from a teacher or two..

Eric Smith plays the Emperor of China and he is the breakfast show host on BBC Radio Shropshire, I believe he has a blog of his own which I will look for and link to here.

More anon, time for dinner now and an early night before another morning show.